Baptism Ministry:

Sis. Carolyn Graves, Chair

Assist in preparing candidates for baptismal.

Beautification Ministry:

Sis. Bonita Whitmore, Chair

Maintains the church grounds and sanctuary decorations both seasonally and for  special occasions.


Children’s Ministry:

Sis. Deanna Gentry, Chair

Partners with parents in walking side by side with every child teaching and sharing God’s love for them. Ages 3-17.


Compassionate Care Ministry:

Sis. Polly McRae, Chair

This ministry offers expressions of love, hope, and encouragement to members and their families. Through cards, flowers, telephone calls and other expressions of kindness, bereaved families, caregivers and persons sick and shut-in are ministered to during challenging times in their lives.


Culinary Ministry:

Sis. Nicole Worthy, Chair

Plans and prepares all meals at the church and determines food service needs.


Custodial Ministry:

Sis. Polly McRae and Bro. Larry McRae, Co-Chairs

Ensures a clean- and welcoming appearance throughout all areas of the Church.

Deacons Ministry:

Bro. Thomas Mitchell, Chair

The deacons assist the pastor, address secular affairs in the church, visit the sick and shut-in members and serve the Lord’s Supper.


Sis. Kathryn Stephens, Chair

This   ministry provides fellowship, programs and outings for our seasoned saints age 70 and above. Saints complete a service project each year demonstrating their service to God by serving others.


Education Ministry:

Chair Bro. Rufus Friday

Stresses the importance of education while encouraging students to pursue excellence at every level.



Hospitality Ministry:

Co-Chairs Sis. Tabitha Ross & Sis. DeAnna Gentry

This ministry welcomes all guests to Pilgrim, directs them to church facilities when necessary, makes sure morning and evening guest preachers have reserved parking and that they and their spouses are escorted to the Pastor's study prior to service. This ministry is also responsible for all hospitality needs during special events and dinners.



Marriage Ministry; Sisters Melody Friday, DeAnna Gentry, Tabitha Ross, Teresa Smith and their spouses, co-chairs

This ministry seeks to enrich the strength and continued development of Christ-Centered marriages through bible discussions, retreats, and Christian fellowship. 

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Media Ministry:

Bro. Michael Coleman, Chair

Operates and maintains the audio and visual ministry, produces recordings of worship services and other special programs and recommends appropriate devices that will enhance this ministry.

Men’s Ministry:

Bro. Deacon Thomas Mitchell, Chair

Teaches men to seek God's purpose in their lives. Men are encouraged to develop a brotherhood through fellowship, the word of God, prayer and community engagement.


Music Ministry:

Enhances worship services by providing music through song and instrument(s). This ministry teaches and prepares voices of praise.


New Members Ministry:

Sis. Michelle Brown, Chair

Welcomes new members into the local body (Pilgrim) and  introduces them to the opportunities, privileges, and expectations significant to church membership.


Special Projects:

By Committee

Plans programs and outings for members of all age groups  which includes the  Church Picnic, Family and Friends Day, Church Anniversary and Pastoral Anniversary.


Sunday School:

Deacon Thomas Mitchell

Promotes the study of God's word through biblical teaching. This ministry is also responsible for coordinating the annual Vacation Bible School.

Women's Sunday School Class

Sis. Jewell Owsley

Sis Cherylene Burruss

Men Sunday School Class

Deacon Thomas Mitchell,

Jr. Bro. Larry McRae,

Rev. Carey Owsley

Children's Class 

Sis. DeAnna Gentry,

Sis. Devonda Williams,

Sis. Edlinia Sweat,

Youth Class

Sis. Vontella Cavil

Sis. Cornetta Harris 


Transportation Ministry:

Bro. Larry Beatty, Chair

Coordinates transportation to church services and programs, maintains van service check-ups,  and coordinates volunteers.

Trustee Ministry

Trustees are responsible for maintaining church property and legal documents and serving as legal agents directed by the church. This ministry assist with the counting of weekly financial contributions and special offerings. In consultation with the Pastor, trustees also make recommendations on the church budget and improvements for the church grounds and buildings.

Ushers Ministry:

Bro. Enoch Elliott, Chair

Prepares the sanctuary for worship, collects offerings and assists all worshippers in experiencing blessed and orderly service. This ministry oversees reserved seating arrangements and provides visitor information materials following the welcoming of all guests. The ushers also make sure the sanctuary is in order following worship.


Women’s Ministry:

Sis. Jewell Owsley and Sis. Julia Jones Co-Chairs

Provides opportunities for women to come together to fellowship and engage in interests and issues relevant to serve all women in the church and the community.